Why to rent a stroller at Disney World

Are you unsure about whether renting a stroller at Disney World is the best option for you or not? Planning a dream trip like this involves making may important decisions that will make a difference in your traveling experience. Renting a stroller is one of them.

            Planning small details in advance is a must for those who want to make great memories at Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World. The stroller is one of those details you don’t want to miss. Parks in Orlando have specific rules on strollers so that they won’t be a problem in the path of the many people walking through the parks. Check-out the pros and cons of taking your own stroller instead of choosing a stroller rental at Disney World.

Pros of taking your own stroller on your trip

There are sure pros of taking your own stroller. First of all, it is free! You don’t have to rent anything and your child is already used to it and feels comfortable when laying on his/her own stroller. You’ve chosen a good one and knows its quality.

Cons of taking your own stroller

If you want the perfect trip, you should weigh well cost and benefit. Using your own stroller might save you some money, but renting it will save you a lot of headaches. We are specialized in stroller rental in Orlando. That means we will have equipment that is right on the measures and standards accepted by the parks so that you won’t spend a lot of time checking on the park’s rules or measuring your own stroller.


            Furthermore, stroller rental is usually cheap, which means it can be financially good considering the risks of damage when traveling with it. Specially if you are traveling by car, taking your own stroller on a trip requires a lot of space on your trunk and it is exposed to a great risk of breaking.

But how will I be without a stroller outside the parks?

Strollers rented at Disney World are a great choice for avoiding getting one with the wrong size, besides saving you space in the trunk of your car and avoiding damages on your own stroller. However, when you rent this item at Disney, you are not allowed to take it outside the park. What should you do then?

            A great option is to rent outside the park. Strollers can also be rented at Strollerfy, which allow you to take it anywhere. There are plenty of stroller rental companies around Disney World and Orlando parks, which give you all the benefits of renting besides letting you take it outside the parks.

Why to choose a third-party stroller rental company?

There are several reasons why renting a stroller from a third-party company can be the best choice for you. Check some of them out:


  • All strollers are within the park’s requirements and sizes
  • You can take the outside the parks
  • It is often much cheaper than renting a stroller at Disney World
  • The quality is much better: Disney World’s strollers’ wheels often get stuck, making it uncomfortable for you and your child
  • The stroller will be deliver to your hotel room: it is much easier to get it!
  • Those are good quality strollers and they have space to your personal items
  • Disney World strollers are identical, so it will be good to have something slightly different
  • You can get a stroller insurance. That way, you’ll be covered if anything gets stolen or lost from your stroller.


            Stroller rental can be much easier with Strollerfy. We are specialized to make your experience even better at Orlando’s parks and resorts.

Strollers are important

Even if your child doesn’t require a stroller on daily routine, you will want to have a stroller at Disney World. All parks and resorts in Orlando are huge and are known for their long lines. You won’t want your little ones standing for a long time and losing their energy for real fun time at the park.

Tips for stroller rental

Renting a stroller is a great idea if you want to have a comfortable and fun experience. And you can make it even easier by following a few tips. Take note:


  • Strollerfy have better strollers and rental conditions. Many people forget about the park rules for strollers and end up renting them at Disney World or in the park they are at. Therefore, those strollers are usually overused and presenting a few damages.
  • You can have your stroller decorated. Be it a princess theme or a simple ribbon, you will want to highlight something that will make it easier to find your stroller. There are several strollers at Orlando parks and, when you leave yours inline, they might get slightly moved. Make it easier for you to find your stroller!
  • Rent for all days you will be there. Renting for a few days can be much cheaper than renting it on a daily basis.

Choose the best strollers

Do you want to make your adventure at Disney World easier and fun? Find the perfect strollers for rental in your vacation. Be sure your stroller will be allowed in the park and that it is comfortable for your kid.

Our strollers are padded, they have a greater quality than renting at the park, they recline and you can take them anywhere. We have the best options to make your experience in Orlando Parks even more exciting!

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